The PEIFFA has reached an agreement with Medical Mart for MFR supplies available to Island Fire Departments.  Below you will find procedures and an order form that will allow you to procure standard supplies from Medical Mart the preferred supplier to Island EMS.

Current MFR Members

Central Kings
Charlottetown Stn 2
Murray River
North Rustico
Summerside Stn 1
Wellington Fire Dept.
Morell Fire Dept.

New London

Lennox Island

Charlottetown Stn 1
East River
New Glasgow
North Shore
St. Peter's
Summerside Stn 2
Parks Canada
Mt. Stewart
North River


Medical First Responder

Over the past number of years a growing number of Island Fire Departments have been providing Medical First Response abilities in co-operation with Island EMS.  There are 38 fire stations and 1000+ Volunteer Firefighters spread across PEI.  Firefighters have a time advantage in a lot of situations, and that is what we are trying to capitalize on with this program.  Volunteer Firefighters have been assisting people in their local communities for many years, and the Medical First Responder system is an extension of that service.


With the new partnership the Province of PEI will be providing funding, Island EMS will provide the instructors, and the Association and Fire Departments will be providing facilities for training as well as the response abilities. Fire Departments across PEI have been active in this area for years with Medical First Responder training and response, the program provides for funding and consistency. 


We have been developing this program for a couple of years with Island EMS and the Department of Health to create standard protocols and obtain Medical oversight. Now we will be able to provide consistent training and response across PEI, which provides for more effective care.


Island Firefighters can now be trained to the Medical First Responder Level of care by Island EMS Paramedics. The training is designed specifically for those who respond to medical emergencies on a regular basis.  “The Paramedics from Island EMS are clearly still the ones to be the primary care professionals in all medical emergencies. Firefighters can enhance this care in situations like cardiac arrest where well trained first responders can make a significant difference if they arrive quickly and have appropriate training and equipment.  This partnership improves the emergency response, and will save lives.” says President Tim Jenkins. 


Medical First Responder programs have been gaining popularity across Canada as a method of improving overall emergency medical services.  The first responder program is just one link in the chain. The partnership between Island EMS, the Province, and the Firefighters Association promotes a more effective level of care on a community level.

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